Fine Tuner


A simple, minimal tuner.

Fine Tuner is a minimalistic tuner for iOS with a user interface optimized for guitar, bass, violin, ukulele, banjo and other string instruments. It utilizes your device's built-in microphone.


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Privacy Policy

Mobile App

GDPR Compliance: The Fine Tuner app does not request, collect, or store any personally identificable information. The app formerly made use of Google Analytics but this has been removed since version 2.4 – the app no longer performs any third party tracking.

This Website

This website uses Google Analytics to collect traffic data. This includes data such as pages visited, time spent in the different areas of the website and visitor location (granularity is limited to city). The data is not personally identifiable. This information is collected purely out of personal interest regarding the website's usage.

Last Updated: Oct 16, 2022